Test of Age

no respite nor company
no routing clues or refuge
no source no destination

no tracks no guiding light
no mentor no tradition
no wilderness but man-made threats

no allies no support
no comrades no supplies
no adversaries except blood relations

no contact for a soothing touch
no mirror gaze no rubbing home
no grating questions in your voice

no voice no cry no measured sound
no history for our senses
anymore or less the same

Highland Fling, 1990

I'm your brainy pig, crude in silence
Nothing else

Sunk in useless knowledge: ENajenaDO

(Between one big love & another
your strength turned
the trick of owning my bluff
in a mirror of shameless burn)

Miss you every day of my so-called life


Ghost of a Voice

sinking weight shaping tracks in Mama soil
for random fading heartbeats
beyond your last breath
have a profile arc of life that may glow
against mine own weightless fog of words

all echoes muted, shut down & up


Old Fuel Trailers

run down roll struck out of excuses
for sticking around
I'll hit my teen-snicker age unstuck

out of imagination that cherished
life as a synonym for exhaustion
has not run its course

a shrunken constellation
of conditions beyond
a narrower memory fit to breathe

midsummer shows the dry dark path
circling to lock in


Letra con Sangre

el amor se presenta sólo como infinito túnel
de su reducción con encaje
bordado para seducirnos a la espeleología
penetrante por geologías de género
que determinan y clasifican una estructura
o armazón naturalizada

el amor que nos enlaza entre alardes o secretos
por solidaridad pasión o turbia sangre
opera según mecánicas en diagrama y códigos ocultos
que los discapacitados de la percepción sentimental
desvelamos entre rugido
añorante y mugido vergonzoso

pues desde mi tierna infancia la invocación del amor
era preludio para justificar castigo y disciplina



seek the depth of our landmass
across the wrong ocean

a turn inside out
as the wind blows its bluish skin to whitecaps

the circling blur above swoops down
to skim the crossing-- flight of ideas
home to roost, no dry land

(wrong side of the current, every twisted
mother tongue torn to shreds
by vagaries of history: yet another foul wind)


Raise Your Virgin Assumptions

Och, you tug at these heartstrings so
they soon fly torn to shreds!

Nothing left of my saintly Ma's crumb-boy
but a trail in failures through-and-through

While the search for exits from this vale of tears
drags on and on -anon?- since age fourteen...

Confessional suicides from bad to verse
translate Catholic to universal faith


The Mother Conditions

(though you wound me up & set me off
I cannot blame you anymore
for a life that runs in circles--
dancing away to avoid an exit 
that opens on the edge of a cliff
I've been skirting in dreams for so long)

Love turned up broken by rules
--unrecognized in its naming.
Was it hatched into this world
or carved out of mud cakes & rhyme?

How many origin stories
betray fulfillment with a kiss?

Each & every knocking vessel--
ship or bottle, spilling drink
shattered dishes, rolling plates--
builds a ritual continuity
out of each rejecting break


Destino Trucado

el burlador exhaló aliento de coyote
al amasar mi arcilla inquieta
con fuerza interior pero ajena

subterráneo poder superior
me dejó en papel secundario
para el trayecto de la vida

rumbo de tejas rotas a medio cuajar
en sendero marcado
por plumas de cuervo chamuscadas

origen incierto
destino ignoto
trazado de paso terco
bajo aliento de pulmón roto