Verlaine Channel Surf

you seized a life that righteous gossip would diminish
and blew the beats full with contrarian history
to lift some sharper wounded substance of sweet danger
well beyond seductive labels once wild nurtured

gritty grungy balance ever under booted feet
only your voice would not shelter under alien masking thrum
whilst blunt trickster arrows sail across an ocean in your heart
finding senseless targets in your studied joking art

dear secret brother dear wandering brother
dear steadfast unknown brother painfully revealed
recognised in journeys and in loss and crackling absence


Regarding certain 2022 Festive Vortex submissions...


Most-- if not all!-- of the new music I discover these days is what gets played on the Listening Club, so
it felt a bit redundant to pick a couple of tracks from any of the ear-opening selections that club members have regaled our assembled multitude with in the last year-- dare I say, especially these last few months? So I thought I'd share a couple recent surprising tracks by two very different, dear musical friends--

Jon Royce (Around That Time of Night) is a graphic artist, animator & multi instrumentalist based in Hamilton, Ontario. He grew up in Puerto Rico and he and Léné Lovich are the only two people that flattered me by asking for  flute lessons- talk about the pupils outpacing the teacher! This selection, as far as I know, is his first published & shared song form, although I believe he has earlier composed &/or arranged instrumental pieces. Hmm-- there's two versions of it now on his https://soundcloud.com/jonathan-royce-1 page...

José 'Popu' Román, (Snowstorm, as O.P.A.L.) on the other hand, is a prolific programmer-composer of electronica and other musics across a wide spectrum of genres-- from the industrial trash punk of D35C0JóN UR84N0 to the tropical(?) shoegaze of his O.P.A.L. project. It's all published through his online label, 'Rojo y Negro records', and posted on the label's Bandcamp page: https://descojonurbano.bandcamp.com/music

All the best to said assembled multitude in this anxiously developing 2023! Let's see if I can focus & find the threads to finally spool out those story fragments from my musical youth. BTW...I'd love to find a soprano sax-- ideally for less than a grand-- as I am increasingly in need of some musical self-care & therapy...putting this out there, working on my positive intention-ality towards the universe...


Sombra del Hogar

traigo un calorcito que parpadea
señales de muda despedida

dudo de sus fuentes y su constancia
pero me orienta ante la fría sombra
que pretende acogerme en el exilio

contra el filo de la medianoche
la telaraña de ramas desnudas
teje la cuna del postrer reposo


Despedida de Duelo: Epitafio del Amargo

(ante un espejo de años donde mi carácter
de chayote adquiere deformación terminal)

No vivió: transitó como fantasma
natimuerto, forastero embutido en disfraz
de carne zombi para el mundo.

Mentiroso transeúnte, derrochó el amor
que no fue suyo, y de cualquier reconocimiento
que mereciera por algún talento escaso
la huella guardó-- ¡tan bien oculta!-- bajo la duda
(o la sospecha contaminada de resentimientos)
que desde la vacía condena de su ausencia
sólo el demonio que atormenta su disoluta inocencia
puede aún, desde aquél mustio ramillete de caprichos
que una esencia pretende, rendir cuentas.

Confundió la lengua de músicas ignotas
con sones de añorados idiomas fronterizos
cuyos ecos hechizantes deshacían
el rastro de su desorientada fuga

Ejercitó un informal deseo informe
contra los abundantes muros
que acorralaban la ruta de su deriva
en constante sabotaje a pretendidas metas
y a cualquier ficción de plenitud:

Al final logró publicar su rabia
para alimentar la rebelión desnuda de futuro
y descansar en guerra.


To Reap the Rear View

an early harvest moon, fullness
a mere skip & jump closer to equinox
than midsummer's buzz

mercury retrograde stalls in haze
soaking urgent cricket chirp
under whirling constellations

another piece in a shapeless puzzle?


Autumn Falls

the welcoming drizzle gives the lie
to the names of the season

gliding on the shifting gusts
to costume your face
en llanto postizo
that cools the unfinished sermons
of your caffeine Sunday


Test of Age

no respite nor company
no routing clues or refuge
no source no destination

no tracks no guiding light
no mentor no tradition
no wilderness but man-made threats

no allies no support
no comrades no supplies
no adversaries except blood relations

no contact for a soothing touch
no mirror gaze no rubbing home
no grating questions in your voice

no voice no cry no measured sound
no history for our senses
anymore or less the same

Highland Fling, 1990

I'm your brainy pig, crude in silence
Nothing else

Sunk in useless knowledge: ENajenaDO

(Between one big love & another
your strength turned
the trick of owning my bluff
in a mirror of shameless burn)

Miss you every day of my so-called life


Ghost of a Voice

sinking weight shaping tracks in Mama soil
for random fading heartbeats
beyond your last breath
have a profile arc of life that may glow
against mine own weightless fog of words

all echoes muted, shut down & up