Fourplay To A Crowd

MIDNIGHT past the full moon oasis

all freely-willed freewheelin' downhill
from here, there & everywhere

gotta lose this fight with silent pride--
gulp all systems go! Find another tune full?
mister pill, mister pill, mister pill

gonads churning first, drain all
second hope

I lose, I find I question again
until a threshold marks the FOLLOW IN coherence
seeking sleep for new ritual
rebirth in waking (fluff)

Oh, dear. Oh dear ohdearoh dear oh


Flujo Roto

Dios es implacable como cada uno
de nosotros, su reflejo
hecho añicos: irregulares
miniaturas del orden
oscuro y voraz

quebrado desde Siempre
nos enfrenta el milagro
que destella fugaz eco de luces

Eternidad es refugio perfecto
para nuestra agonía
pero su cuna de disolución
no arrulla ni consuela la despedida


I Sing Arms & Demand

       (English variation on 'Ulises, Primer Arma')
silence falls far past
the southern lip of exile

cunning void of root & source
gives up no evidence, reflects
or bears no burden
but seedless planting in cultured ferment

--in troubled broken pounding
of the tidal rush
that hoards life-hardened sludge

to prop the selfsame exile up
beyond flight & futile yearning


home to fans
turning blasts of air
across the bright empty room

'call me ishmael'-- means old
dry meat gone stale in Cymmerian

bad joke. sorry

see, I'm hangin round
way past my expiration date

I've overstayed my welcome
from day one to be sure

was there a market-defined
shelf-life to my masculinity
-- my bachelorhood?
to my awkward poetics?

failure is letting Christian inflation
bill your dime-store Buddhism
ten bucks for a prayer flag


I Know The Distance

Love is no euphemism--
will not stand in for more
will not sit down to less

Love is no metaphor--
it will not bring home clarity
to show the way there

I know the distance
between my heart & my skin
I know the calendar
between my cry & my grin

I know the journey
(the gap & the fall)
between my head & my groin

Every nerve is a tightrope
I tremble & dance along
Every vein every artery
the net I fall upon