Desde los Catorce Años

no hay eco ni refugio

en el pabellón de impacientes terminales
cada moribundo enfrenta sordos muros

¿cuántos me acompañan insospechados?
imposible hacer un cálculo razonable

un infinito número de celdas
un infinito número de vidas pasadas
me agobia la imaginación

ronco de clamar desde mis catorce años
no hay eco ni refugio


Kisses to Krist & Liz & Bob & Nick

I never realized
my heart has gone blind
(no blood on the tracks in the snow
on the ground, no ground in sight)

since I blew to cliché
since you walked away
since we played the game
since I puke cliché

I never realized
my heat burns me up
(no spark for the flue for the flow
for the tide, no tide in lust)

since my fly is undone
since I slowed my run
since I stumbled home
since my cramp is done

I never realized
I am not a ghost
I sting like a hive
since our tears tingle dry
since your bite shut wide

since I drained my pride
and my juice ran dry
since our fears ran dry
since our hopes have died