Parting Counter Season

not every fall is autumn's leavings
not every flight escapes as it climbs

not every trip is a stumble
as a long tumbler's journey to date
(--to measure ends shorter than means
& awake to yet longer dreams-- )
breathes inspiration redundant
to all purpose absent in absolute risk

three days or three weeks tick down
a short stay by any other name
costing the least of smelly passions pent
in synonyms fueled bittersweet...

as foreign to your mother's tongue
& frightened by the daughters, even



LET me dream before I look

let me kill before I hook
let me scream before I cook
(--got no home to call my nook--

may I save you with My Book?)

WELCOME to my lonely cauldron
tasty broth-bath nearing boil
sitting on your very fire
e'er on edge of sinking soil...

SAVE ME-- save me to the sere, & fallen
like the yellow leaf is calling
 --let me pull before we stroke...


'Call me Aimless', again?

'SAVE NOW' quoth blogspot...I *should* be trying to learn the ropes around Wordpress...'but I'm So Lazy', to quote Kevin Johansen...(tuesday April 20?)
Had some fairly vivid dreaming this morning I neglected to try to write down, pen to paper...Teresa was in it, maybe i was helping with the setup & strike, if not the whole production, of an art fair, in one of the big patio courtyards in el viejo San Juan-- maybe the Patio de los Dominicos where Instituto de Cultura & its little theatre used to be (?) maybe the bigger Ballajá barracks...
At the end of the evening, very late, Vitin Calderón says he's stuck for a ride, but he hasn't eaten all day & could I please help him find a place for a late night bite...I'm exhausted & want to go home...but hate to leave a buddy in the lurch...what'll I do??

mittwoch 21 aprilllllll...dos de la tarde...intense dream, Tia Piñiña viva, riding to La Guardia--with (uncle) Jose Luis? --from Madrid? ...where I'm leaving some embarrassing unfinished business behind for later? Cecchin in Madrid?? Try to remember...

(...bueno Earth Day jueves 22) --up a bit earlier? noon sharp, even as I didn't get to sleep til five thirty or so-- thought of running then, but...yknow...vivid dreams again, timely, dealing with wine or plane reservations, but faded quck...pick a date to fly back? Wed May 5-- cinco de mayo!? argh...viernes 7?? nuts...email Paco?