One of a Piece

drained the circling


keeps a busier calm in solitude

repeating the need & fulfilled
in hearing this my so-called self
thinking out silence


Geek as the Gimp

I want to believe
the black bitter sorrow
that soaks my skin through
with spill'd cardiac stench
can be sweetened & sipped, still
like steaming temptation

--like wild habit fuel
that strips skips & slips
past all hesitation
to hunt for your jewel...

(O! Heart like a teacup--
all worn, chipp'd, yet dainty--
grown narrow with age...)

Sin Meta Presente

(In Memoriam Roberto Nin)

corazón del sur
corazón del monte

noche del sur
noche del corazón del monte

el corazón de la noche
late un respiro inesperado
mientras rodeo desvelado
el hogar del corredor suicida
que acompaña mi aliento rendido

desde el sur
sopla el sereno terminal
que no logra pisar
los talones del alba