David's Newest Silly & Expensive Faux-Adventure

I thought 10 bucks to yellow-cab-crawl across New York town from the Carlton Arms to Penn Station was nuts until I ended up spending 24 smackers to get from Amtrak's Richmond stop to a Holiday Inn with an available room for the night...
Because I needed to be within five miles of the Budget Rent-a-car lot to be elegible for a pick-up tomorrow, & further deliriously fantasized I could, in any case, lug my three bags on foot as a vigorous morning constitutional if I was close enough.
I guess I was thinking Paso Robles in California. I don't know what I was thinking.
Maybe arriving in Staunton (Danville? Charlottesville?) sometime near midnight would have been better. Maybe I didn't choose any of the alternatives because Orbitz, Expedia, Hotwire & Cheap Tickets all seemed to have such a hard time locating rental vehicle deals in any of the smaller towns-- I forget.
Maybe I can start off way earlier than the post-midday pick-up I've arranged, so that I'm finished with highways in time for a nice, fairly long run around David Sower's neck of the Blue Ridge woods in Floyd, Virginia-- a four to six hour drive Southwest of Richmond...