Any World That I'm Welcome To--

'is better/than the one/I come from...'

(Barcelona Farewell)

she wear the fat belt
she meet my eyelid
she draw her butt cheek line
so dark & close to my own
dead & gone edge

she hold the crowd back
she keep a friend cool
she trigger-happy looker
wearing my own
stolen heart of gold, dear

--on cuff-linked sleeves, dear:
surrender, dear eye--
you do remember, my eye?
let's think & sink a-gain
--you try my recall 'gain, dear

she sit on blow clean slate
she squeeze my mem'ry gland
she march all night on lace-white
friends all grown so old
before our time

(she foreign spectate, or-
correspond to speculate-a-dress
in my mind's eye, only--
argue come to blows again)

(Arc Café, November 2003)