Worth a Thousand Words...

I've mentioned Christophe Gourdain more than a few times-- he's got no website for his restaurant as there's not much of an incentive or payoff for it in Puerto Rico.
He depends on reputation & word of mouth-- variations on a theme evidencing the priority of personal relationships in sustaining a business. He's in a neighborhood in Old San Juan where he competes with any number of flashy, Nuevo Latino-Fusion food-fashion lounges, but if any of my newfound wine-geek blogger buddies are by any chance in the neighboorhood-- say, on a cruising break from their hectic bread-earning juggler lives, looking for a current & regularly updated wine list of any depth, & serious, fine cuisine in an atmosphere that manages to be elegant & relaxed at the same time-- Trois-Cent Onze has no equal in the newly-burgeoning dining scene in Puerto Rico! A votre santé!
Oh, the picture-- !
Well, here's Christophe between his chère Maman & his Mother-in-Law, the latter with the family scion in her arms, at about four months of age. Christophe doesn't smile this broadly too often, & I was very happy to capture his obvious joy & pride with my cheap little camera.
A tout a l'heure, jeun'homme!