Andropause Mendoza: Mo' Better Confessional Mission Disclosure Statements

My blogging mentor, Terry H., has touchingly expressed some concern in his blog:

'I'm worried about David J

Dude, you sound like you're off your meds. Know the problem well. Be careful. I don't want another Motorcycle Diaries to deal with. Anyway, the only person you could go to work for today would be Chavez. Don't be like Matilda and run way VenzuelAH.'

Hmmm... a worrying expression of worry-- written in code, it would seem...
I guess I've been sounding like some sort of contentious revolutionist-- but what pushes my buttons in the statement is the mood-control-by-prescription angle.
...well, Dr. Terry, if you're the one to write me some script, I'll consider taking the Big Pharma vehicle for a ride...I'm just not sure how much of a Gonzo-journalist joyride it might actually be.
To follow through on the bit of my late brother's story begun here:
Zoloft, Xanax & some updated version of Antabuse supposed to help curb Alberto's Gargantuan appetite for drink were the official chemical cocktail my late brother ran on.
Myself, I've been on Lithium & Merital on occasion, with not the most positive results...

Certainly seems like my libido will not 'go gently into that good night'-- I'll guess just have to get used to the shameful complexities of... browsing porn through bifocals.

--my fave Police song: Bring On The Night!
--'I couldn't stand another minute of daylight'--
Daylight Savings Time in Mendoza is like, to quote another little pop jewel from that late 70's/early 80's liminal shadowland,
'putting out the fire/with gasoline'...

feel down, fuel up
sink in thought & fill it out

release the lesser vehicle
to dive under ground & ride in style

out of the past
in fossil-fueled wingless flight

no landing strip
in sight or sound...

2 comentaris:

Terence ha dit...

Dear DJ, I have just read this...gracias, etc. The code is -- no code, you know me, all Joycean free association. How fucking long have you been down there and what the fucking hell are you doing?

Voglio sapere, dimmi dimmi dimmi tu.

Why is all this stuff on the blog in Catala'??

D J R-S ha dit...

Terry!! --where do I begin?
...seemed too pretentious to use la langue de l'amour as a third way between my IngAñol-SpanGlish split--
Catalan seemed close yet alien enough...but to quote vicious reactionary exiled Cuban comedian Álvarez-Guedes, mostly it's just 'mariconerías mías'...
BTW, parlando de cubanos, discovered Manuel Camblor's 'La Otra Botella' blog-- are you in touch with him at all?
Did you read I scalded my right hand to a bad, blistering 2nd degree burn? News at eleven...