Talk the Wine, Write the Walk (UPDATED- October 7)

'You know the preacher likes the cold'-- & I can identify.

I had the snarlingly insistent premonition that a mid-July return to Puerto Rico was not going to be very enjoyable, productive or even ultimately practical-- except in the narrowest possible sense:
the logistics of extending my nomadic condition seeemed overwhelming as I had an expired driver's license & not quite a couple of thousand dollars left in my checking account...

But after two months 'back home' of loitering with intent, I've yet to find my way to any government services' office to stand in line & pay the fees...my allergies & digestion grow worse & I only get out of the house to buy food staples & the occasional evening run. Nothing like depressive inertia for self-fulfilling righteousness?

Combined Zodiac
The Aries
Wood Horse

In your work, the road will be free for your beautiful initiatives. Learn the good habit to liquidate your obligations as soon as they arrive, without letting them heap up. Too great fatigue will considerably weaken your immune defenses and will render you more vulnerable to microbic and viral attacks; therefore take sufficient rest so as to recover your forces; some sensitiveness of your throat is probable. If you can go on vacation, profit by the occasion to go abroad; your journey will be pleasant and enriching in many respects.