Five Seasons Drop/Single Birth Date

(find or search nowhere else
but weigh to sing
in burdens' measured load of loss)

in desire fulfill
in reversal shared to feed
in harm, & swell the hidden wound
from earliest youth
through failed manhood comforts
pared down to solitude's bare unease
in time's fated settling

(here is each & every thing's mystery
since nothing's there, but gone)

Thresholds 2

while soiled linen soaks
in a pool of spreading sunlight
a blank itch burrows damp
nesting home under my skin

--now why would high-voltage hum
grow louder in the old house's shade?
why would it make me thirsty?

loose clouds roll back in
as a sharp colic cramps my bowels

one storm unspools north
while another winds tight south

my island is the recurrent trough
(--the unframed threshold...?)
where continental systems
collapse in sinking ocean fronts

(Ocean Again)

at the rivermouth's broad
widening flow
the current
brings us to our feet

life's horizon recedes
before each step
in a flooding tide of tears
while we learn
to walk on water

the earth is flat
to each & every nearsighted self
& the far shore
is a cradling cloud
of mirror mist
as we tumble over the edge
in endless, sourcing fall

Extended Swelter Delays

on rough plains of compound interest
our view builds out reasonous error
into nation-forts as far as no event horizon

classical perspective how cultured?

from a distance, the ruling strait-jacket
keeps a world standing at any cost
--the price of narrow life-channels drained

a table in the sun, a desk in the shade
rendering split judgements on casual opinion


Th airier deepening of aimless want
makes you more alien, more
of an object

The deeper wanting of airless aim
pushes you just beyond
grasping reach

Who are you?