Limping into Blogland: Inventory Season

Memory plays increasingly dirty tricks on us as we age...or did someone pick the lock & pilfer some of my stored wines?

After nearly three years, I finally return to California, ostensibly with the primary purpose of doing inventory & culling from my total of a possible baker's dozen cases of wine in storage...

First stop: El Camino wine lockers in Atascadero, where the older purchases slumber in climate-controlled comfort. Pulliing bottles from boxes & styrofoam cradles, tearing off newsprint, there are a few surprises:

Where is the Oracle Oaks Valdiguié? When did I drink it, then? What about the Carparone Sangiovese? I don't believe I drank the Biale Old Crane Ranch Zin, or the Graziano Zin or Carignane...is my memory failing that badly? What gives?

Still, here is Lazy Creek's lovely Gewürtztraminer-- from 2005, we will see-- taste-- how it's held up. From the same vintage year, a couple Central Coast Viogniers-- from Marilyn Remark & deRose-- clock in over 15% ABV. Yikes.

(à suivre...)