Edge of Burnout (Update-- some details...)

Drained, fatigued, overwhelmed--questioning my purpose...where do I begin?
The petty passions of the wine world & its merchants...what's the point? What am I doing here? tilting at windmills...& what for?

Mother's Eve, Sonnabend 10 of May:

On Thursday, Alberto Cecchin was off to Buenos Aires on business...so I continue to rehearse alternate proposals: all of a sudden, with no idea of the time & money it may take me to acquire an import permit, risk management is foremost on my mind.
One lead, to a major one-stop-shop importer-distributor in the New York area: MHW, Ltd., is a little intimidating. A sampling from their client list:

Albert Bichot Company

Barcardi-Martini USA Inc.

Beringer Wine Estates

Crillon Importers Ltd.

Freixenet USA, Inc.

Marie Brizard

--'Hi, I want to put um maybe 25 or 50 cases of wine from Argentina under my own label, what does it take for me to bring that Stateside?'
--been rehearsing 'til dawn the last couple of nights...argh.