Further Notes on White Rhone Varietals in Mendoza

(...late report on a further 'Stop the Presses!' moment: was scheduled to arrive in Rosario last Sunday morning, but 'Andesmar' suspended service across all routes on Saturday when agro-transport strikers blocking roads threatened their coaches...
it's --excuse me-- already Friday the 20th, official flag Day in Argentina today: greetings from the riverport city by the Paraná!)

The recurrent lesson seems to be that the only way things ever happen to get done in Mendoza (--all of Argentina??) is on the very moment one brings an idea or plan up-- or then-abouts, by serendipity or impulsive obsessiveness. (--obsessive impulsivity?)
I was shopping for shoes, under pressure, as I needed a pair that were not my hiking boots so the tailors could finish the cuffs on the pants for my new suit, when the owner walks into his little shop on 'La Peatonal', the pedestrian mall in downtown Mendoza. Eduardo Ghilardi takes over from his salesman, gets me talking about my projects & seesawing fortunes of the last six (--near seven!) months, & finally sells me a pair of shoes while struggling to get his friend Fernando Festa on his celphone-- 'Ugni Blanc?? (--he reacted when I brought up Conalbi-Grinberg & my Wine Blogging Wednesday assignment) --I know somebody who makes organic wine from that grape!'
But the next day we head out to Cavas de Chacras...
(...to be continued...)