(I Left My Hard) On Barbary Coast

(...older news, newsome foursome--)

here is your gifted surrogate
stolen away from steerage
kidnap victim all aglow
in borrowed gold & finery

--seasick horizon all but purged
in th arduous climb up the dizzy steps
on the stairset of sheltering class
to face the nightmare of an endless fall
down a bottomless drop--

doctor, my heart
beats on the verge of giving out
rough edges blunt & careworn

doctor, my skin
flakes itchy scales off yon underflesh...
my yearnings all pressed thin

2 comentaris:

Domenico ha dit...

You gave me shit about not reading your blog and you publish this! It's not about wine, it's about whine!

Har har. Jus' playin' witcha.

Anyhow, I ant to thank you and your obsessiveness for boosting my blog's stats recently. You're a fine human bean.

(I gotta million of em!)

PS--why is so much in Català? It sounds kind of ugly next to Castellano.

D J R-S ha dit...

hmmm-- were your ears buzzing & that's why you laid yr comment at the doorstep of this particular scribble? ...th character/plotline is actually partly inspired by what I have learned of yr own background & story...!